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Why Biological Farming?
Reduce Inputs. Increase Yields.
Maximize profits on every acre you farm with the power of biological farming & soil management.

It's no secret to the American Farmer that our input costs have risen substantially over the past decades. Fertilizer prices and the cost of farm chemicals and fuel have hit an all time high; and making a profit on the family farm is becoming a tougher proposition than ever before.

In response, farmers across the country are searching for new technologies that will help them stay in business and make the most profit they can on every acre they farm. Changes in farming practices and soil management have become an absolute necessity. Many farmers have shifted thinking from strictly yield and production to, "How much net profit can we make on the crops that we farm?"

Every farmer in this country needs to address the biologicals in his soil if he wants to make the most profit from every acre he farms."
-- R. S. Munroe City, IN

Current farming practices contribute less than 3% of our total inputs toward soil improvement, soil conservation or improving soil fertility. Many of our tillage methods, chemicals and inorganic fertilizers are actually working against us. Years of continuing the same farming and nutrient management practices have left many of our soils biologically depleted and many of our our nutrients tied-up and unavailable to the plant.

Since everything we apply to our farm ground must go through a biological process in order to work, doesn't it make sense to include an input that maximizes the biological activity in the soil?

The chemicals and fertilizers you apply to your farm ground will always work more effectively when there is a healthy biological system in place. A biological farming system is also essential for accessing the vast stores of organic nutrients that reside in our native farm ground.

Most farms will only utilize around 5% of the total nutrient inventory that exists on that farm in a single crop season.

If you haven't already, we recommend asking yourself two questions:

  1. How do I make soil nutrients more readily available plant nutrients?
  2. What am I doing to help mellow our soils, improve soil tilth and our root structure?

Biological Farming Reduces Costs, Increases Profits

At Pro-Soil Ag Solutions we don't have all the answers to every question facing farmers today, but we've certainly shown time and again that our biological farming systems and biological organic fertilizers and soil amendments can help the farmer improve soil health, thereby allowing more complete conversion and uptake of all organic nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides and other chemicals.

With biological farming comes sustainable soil management - you get more bang for you chemical buck and gradually reduce inputs on your farm. Since crop yield is not reduced you increase net profits by lowering production costs per acre.

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Biological Farming Helps to Utilize "Hidden" Fertilizer

"Biological farming releases unused, (bound) fertilizer 'tied up' in soils which have been used and abused for years... I've been involved in agriculture for over 40 years now -- farming these fields and involved in crop production for that period of time -- and we have found this product to enhance yields probably more than anything we've done in the last 40."
-- Ron Small
Corn, Soybean & Wheat Producer, Knox County, Indiana

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Corn Growers Profit an average of $7 for every dollar spent on Biological Soil Management.*

*According to a 10-year study by the University of Illinois, farmers who incorporated a method for Biological Soil Management on existing farm land were also able to reduce actual nitrogen below the yield goal requirements.

Customers are saying ...
Wheat, Alfalfa & Oats Grower
Bigger Root Systems for Better Fertilizer Utilization

"Biologicals have been a real plus for us. Most of all, I feel like it's made a big difference in the uptake and utilization of our fertilizer. The root systems in our fields are a WHOLE lot bigger -- and those roots go out and get more moisture and nutrients for us. As a result, we've seen a significant increase in yields. My only regret is that we didn't find Pro-Soil sooner."
-- Mike B. Alva, Oklahoma

Soybean, Corn & Cotton Grower
Release Nitrogen and Other Nutrients Tied Up in the Soil

"Pro-Soil released nitrogen fertilizer not being utilized because it was tied up in the soil -- resulting in increased soil tilth, improved crop health and higher yields on our farm despite last year's extreme weather in Oklahoma."
-- Matt G. Fairview, Oklahoma

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