Case Study: Cotton Trials

Cotton: Liquid Fertilizer Trials Prove Pro-Soil is a Profitable Choice for Cotton Production.

Compared to conventional fertility alone, treating cotton with Pro-Soil liquid fertilizer and soil activators increased yields an average of 20% to 40% — with farmers earning an average return of $7.00 for every dollar invested. Top Photo Courtesy of William Molin, USDA

U.S. Cotton Belt — Cotton production has changed dramatically since the introduction of bio-technology, with recent advancements making Pro-Soil’s below ground management products a perfect choice for the profit-minded cotton grower who wants to cut costs while maximizing yield and quality potential.

Part of a new category of agricultural production technology designed to protect and maximize the genetic potential bred into plants, Pro-Soil’s liquid fertilizers are below ground management soil activators designed to enhance root growth, seedling vigor and early reproductive growth, setting the stage for higher yield potential.

A Dramatic Step Forward in Cotton Production

Ten years of replicated research data from six liquid fertilizer trials demonstrate the potential for Pro-Soil liquid fertilizers to have a dramatic effect on season-long pest management, overall plant health and growth, and with the ultimate goal of high yield and superior quality cotton fiber.

The field trials measured the effects of Pro-Soil’s blow ground management liquid fertilizer formulas under a variety of conditions on both dryland and irrigated cotton fields located throughout the cotton belt, including thousands of cotton acres in: Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Arizona, and part of Georgia.

To better understand how below ground management and soil activators impact the cotton plant, the research incorporated soil analysis, field monitoring (including onsite petiole testing,) plant mapping and boll analysis.

Researchers also evaluated profitability and annual return on investment were with some startling results:

Treating cotton with Pro-Soil below ground management liquid fertilizer increased yields an average of 20% to 40% — with farmers earning an average return of $7.00 for every dollar invested.

While we’re still researching, application of Pro-Soil Foundation and Triple 3 Vital Boost have consistently resulted in stronger, earlier, more vigorous and uniform seedling emergence, more prolific and earlier root growth; nutrition-controlled plant growth (regulation), higher fruit retention, heavier boll weight, heavier top crop and increased farm profits.

Cotton Crop Yield Comparisons:

Pro-Soil Liquid Fertilizer on Cotton vs. Conventional

Replicated Yield Results: Photo of cotton picker used in cotton production

Using Pro-Soil Foundation, Below Ground Managment Liquid Fertilizer, on Cotton vs. Conventional Treatment





These results are greater than you would expect, but cotton is very responsive to this program.

Field-Proven Benefits:

Pro-Soil Treated Cotton Shows:

  • Softer soil, improved tilth
  • Aggressive rooting
  • Stronger seedling emergence
  • Vigorous, early plant growth
  • More uniform stands
  • Improved Pollination (fruit initiation) and fruit set
  • Enhanced stress resistance
  • Delay of plant cut-out
  • (premature maturation)
  • Regulated plant growth
  • Heavier boll weight
  • Heavier “top crop”
  • Better Yields & Quality
  • Average Yield:
  • 20-40% increase
  • Average Return on Investment:
  • $7.00 for every $1.00 invested